Jordana Ninkov

Coordinator of Laboratory
Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 15:30-18:00
DescriptionSoil and Agroecology Laboratory as a part of Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, operates by providing services of field work and laboratory analyses and participates in the implementation of research projects. The Laboratory works with private entities, government and businesses. The Laboratory is well equipped, possesses the necessary authorization and accreditation and, with a long tradition, has a leading position in the market. The Laboratory offers basic and complex tests in to all interested users: soils (physical features, the basic parameters of soil fertility (reaction, humus content and macro- and micronutrient elements) – with a recommendation for fertilization, chemical characteristics (absorbent complex, salinity), hazardous and harmful substances (pesticide residues, heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls), development of special-purpose soil maps and studies, projects and studies in the field of soil testing) pesticides (physical and chemical characteristics, the registration of pesticides, pesticide residues in soil, water and plant material) plant nutrition products – fertilizers (physical and chemical analysis of quality, registration of fertilizers, testing biological fertilizers value) plant material (ash content, fats, oils, proteins, cellulose, elementary chemical composition) irrigation water (evaluating the quality of irrigation water).
Organization Type Institutes
City Novi Sad , Maksima Gorkog 30
Areas of Activities

Organic agriculture

    Environment protection and natural resources management

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      Scientific cooperation and services of laboratory soil analysis

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